Wei Lai's car was exposed to crash out of the building! Or cause "one death and one injury", the model is suspected to be et5, and the official has not responded yet

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Reporter Dong Tianyi Li Xing

6 month 23 Japan , Some netizens revealed that , In recent days, , A Weilai automobile rushed out of the high-rise building of Shanghai innovation port Weilai automobile headquarters and fell , And said he hit someone , It is suspected that someone in the car is trapped . According to the 《 Dahe newspaper 》 The latest news , At present, the police are investigating this matter , The rescue is over , The accident caused 1 die 1 injury .


picture source : Screenshot of online video

Regarding this ,《 The daily economic news 》 The reporter immediately confirmed to Wei Lai , As of press time, the reporter has not responded yet . however , Some media asked the customer service staff of Weilai automobile for confirmation and got a reply :“ It's true , The specific situation needs to wait for the official to release further information .”

From the exposed live photos , The vehicle rushing downstairs is suspected to be a test vehicle with camouflage , And the top of the vehicle or the ground first , The roof is sunken , The car body is surrounded by smashed white cement wall blocks . According to the appearance characteristics of the vehicle model , Some analysts think , The vehicle involved or Wei Lai that has not been delivered ET5.

It is reported that , After the accident , Except that the staff move the vehicle , A number of uniformed firefighters came to the scene to deal with the accident vehicles .

It is said that there are people in the car and they hit passers-by downstairs , It is not known yet . And about the test vehicle “ Out of control ” The reason why I fell downstairs , It has also become the most concerned issue of the outside world , We still need the corresponding response from Wei Lai .

As the head enterprise of the new force of domestic car making , Four models have been delivered under Wei Lai , Wei to ES8、ES6、EC6, as well as ET7. Official data show , By 5 End of month , Weilai has delivered a total of new cars 20.49 Thousands of cars . among ,2022 First quarter , The cumulative new car delivery volume of Weilai is about 2.58 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 37.6%.


picture source : Each by the reporters Zhu Wanping taken ( Data figure )

In accordance with the plan ,2022 Nian Weilai will deliver to the market based on NT2.0 Three new models created by the platform ——ET7、ES7, as well as ET5. Except for delivered ET7 Outside ,ES7 and ET5( Intelligent electric car model ) Will be on 8 month 28 Day and 9 Start delivery in January .

According to Li Bin, chairman of Weilai, in Weilai 2022 The first quarter financial report of the year was introduced on the telephone conference , Up to now , Weilai's supply chain and vehicle production have basically returned to normal , The delivery work in several important markets including Shanghai has also been on track ,2022 The total delivery volume of Weilai new cars in the second quarter of is expected to be 2.3 ten thousand ~2.5 Thousands of cars .

In terms of product layout , Wei Lai is currently focusing on 40 ten thousand ~50 10000 yuan consumer market , The flag is not lower than 30 Ten thousand yuan model ; And those with slightly lower market positioning ET5, This year 9 Delivery will start in January .

It is reported that , Weilai Xinqiao phase II plant has completed the whole production line , Enter the vehicle manufacturing verification stage , It will be officially put into production in the third quarter of this year as planned , The first model produced is ET5.


picture source : Weilai official website

The data of the ride show , This year, 5 In May, the domestic new energy vehicle market ,10 The market share of new energy vehicles with less than 10000 yuan is 39.2%;10 ten thousand ~20 The market share of 10000 yuan new energy vehicles is 33.2%;20 ten thousand ~30 The market share of 10000 yuan new energy vehicles is 16.8%. At present, Wei Lai is mainly engaged in 30 The market share of new energy vehicles with more than 10000 yuan accounts for only 10.9%. Some analysts think , Weilai's product line should sink to the middle and low-end market , Or have a certain boosting effect on its sales .

in fact , Wei Lai has already started to lay out 20 The 10000 yuan Volkswagen consumer market . stay 2022 At the first quarter earnings conference , Li Bin disclosed that , The R & D and production of new brand products for the mass market of Weilai are progressing steadily , expect 2024 The new brand models will be delivered in the second half of the year . The terminal price of the main products of the new brand is positioned at 20 ten thousand ~30 Ten thousand yuan between , It will be equipped with batteries independently produced by Weilai , At the same time, it supports high-pressure fast charging technology .

“ At present, Weilai is speeding up its research on 20 Research and development of models worth more than 10000 yuan . Weilai recently signed an agreement on Xinqiao phase II plant with Hefei municipal government ( That is to say, Wei Lai and Hefei are just “NeoPark Xinqiao intelligent electric vehicle industrial park vehicle phase II and key core parts supporting project ” Sign the cooperation agreement ), Just for the company 20 More than 10000 yuan of models of new brands facing the mass market are prepared , Capacity planning is 50 Thousands of cars .”6 month 16 Sunday night , Li Bin, chairman of Weilai, said at the user face-to-face communication meeting .

meanwhile , Li Bin said , Velai's new brand for the mass market will be benchmarked against Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, And the price is even cheaper 10%.


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