This lightweight technology is led by Tesla. How many car companies will follow suit?

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The integrated die casting of the body can reduce the number of parts , And while realizing lightweight , Improve production efficiency . The upsurge set off by Tesla continues to heat up , More and more automobile enterprises and parts enterprises are actively embracing this trend .

Lightweight driving

2021 Since the beginning of the year , Produced in Tesla Shanghai Super factory Model Y, Originally by 70 Multiple part stamping 、 Rear underbody panel assembly welded , It is integrally cast into shape , One step in place .

Tesla's groundbreaking is , The application range of integrated die casting , From small parts to large structural parts , In this process, a large number of parts have been replaced . Tesla also plans to use 3 A large die casting ( Rear base plate 、 Front bottom plate and middle bottom plate ) Assemble the whole lower body assembly , Replace the original 370 Parts .

The integrated die casting process replaces the stamping and welding links of traditional body structural parts , Great changes have taken place in the car body manufacturing process , The production process is simplified , Increased efficiency , The management process and the manpower required are reduced accordingly , Cost reduction . After adopting integrated die casting ,Model Y The manufacturing time of the rear underbody panel is determined by 1-2 Shorten the hours to 2-3 minute , Lower weight of lower body assembly 30%, Lower manufacturing costs 40%.

Lightweight is the general trend of automobile development . at present , Whether it's the body 、 Both chassis and powertrain design are moving towards “ Weight Loss ” Work hard . Take the electric vehicle with the same electric quantity as an example , Weight Loss 10% Can improve 14% Range of . From the perspective of development planning , To 2030 year , Compared with the curb weight of the car body 2015 Years should be lightened 35% about .

Driven by the requirements of light weight, efficiency improvement and cost reduction of new energy vehicles , The body structural members face the thin wall 、 High performance 、 Large scale development , Aluminum die casting process replaces steel sheet metal stamping + welding , Parts have evolved from small parts to integrated large parts , Promote the development of integrated die casting .

Many car companies follow up

Driven by Tesla's demonstration effect , New forces of car making in China 、 Xiao Peng and Gao He , And Volkswagen, an overseas OEMs 、 Both Mercedes Benz and Volvo have started the early research and development of integrated die casting , And most of them have been determined to promote the mass production of this technology .

The present , Electric vehicles have not yet achieved full platform production , In particular, the newly entered new power car enterprises did not punch 、 Welding capacity , More power and willingness to promote the integrated die casting process .

among , Wei Lai Yu 2021 In, we successfully developed a heat-free aluminum alloy material which can be used to manufacture large die castings , The new car released at the end of last year ET5 The integrated die casting process is used for the rear bottom plate ; Xiaopeng automobile Wuhan factory will introduce a set of super large die-casting island and automatic production line .

Except for the main engine factory , Die casting machine equipment factory 、 Aluminum die-casting enterprises have made great efforts to lay out integrated die-casting . Lijin group 、 Yi Zhimi 、 Haitian metal and other die casting machine equipment factories have increased the manufacturing of large tonnage die casting machines ; Wen can shares 、 Lizhong group 、 Rio tinto's group 、 Quanfeng car 、 Guangdong Hongtu 、 Rongtai Co., Ltd 、 Alcody and other auto parts die-casting enterprises have also laid out in advance .

New market outlets

The recent Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets , Integrated die casting becomes a new tuyere , Some die casting machine equipment factories 、 Auto parts die-casting enterprises have laid out in advance , The company's share price also hit a new high .

2 month 25 Japan , Top Group announced , The first in China based on 7200 The integrated super large die-casting body rear cabin, which is being developed by tons of giant die-casting machine, has been officially mass produced offline .

5 month 18 Japan , Wen can shares signed a strategic framework agreement with Lizhong group , It will be used in the large integrated body structure of new energy vehicles 、 Establish strategic cooperation in material development and process application of integrated casting battery box and other products , Jointly develop non heat treatment materials for large integrated aluminum castings . among , Lizhong group is responsible for developing the material formula , Wencan Co., Ltd. is responsible for the research and development of process conditions .

6 month 13 Friday night , Guangdong Hongtu announced , The company 6 month 10 Received the fixed-point development notice from Xiaopeng automobile on the th , Xiaopeng automobile decided to choose Guangdong Hongtu as the supplier of chassis integrated structural parts of a certain model .

Investment should consider

With the upgrading of integrated die casting technology , The application scope of body integration will be extended from the current rear seat panel to the front body 、 Chassis battery tray 、 Car door . Analysis of Zheshang securities , In the next few years , The value of the single car corresponding to the integration of the car body is expected to increase from 2200 Yuan was raised to 14400 element .

For now , Integrated die casting has gradually become the development trend of the industry . however , Relevant enterprises should consider the investment , Be technically prepared . Because the cost of aluminum alloy is much higher than that of steel , The cost of aluminum die-casting structural parts is high , It is mainly applied to luxury brand models , And it should be supported by sales .

The integrated die casting process has strong practicability , But the initial investment is large . The report of CICC Securities pointed out that : The same is true 10 Thousands of cars , Traditional stamping is adopted - During welding process ,“ Stamping + welding ” The total investment in equipment for the link is about 5.2 One hundred million yuan ; All adopt integrated die-casting process , The total investment in corresponding equipment is about 7.1 One hundred million yuan .

Integrated die casting puts forward higher requirements for equipment and material selection . One piece die casting requires large moulds , Mold design is difficult . Traditional die castings cause dimensional deformation and surface defects during heat treatment , Integrated die casting requires heat-free materials , This is the weakness of domestic enterprises .

The cost of vehicle maintenance is unbearable . A Tesla is on the Internet Model Y When reversing , The rear bottom plate of the integrated die-casting car body was accidentally damaged . Complete replacement , The insurance company estimated that the maintenance cost would be about 20 Ten thousand yuan .

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