Ideal L9 Max: price doesn't matter. It's enough to understand your needs

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“ Ideal L9 yes 500 The best within ten thousand SUV”?

Have to say , such “ It's amazing ” How to do it , It really has a certain marketing effect , But I just want to say , Don't talk too full .

Of course , We can't take it too seriously , After all 500 Within ten thousand, you can make your ideal L9 Second flying car , be too numerous to enumerate .

6 month 21 Japan , Ideal L9 Max Officially listed , Positioning full size SUV, The price is 45.98 Ten thousand yuan .


As the second product of ideal , It is also a new flagship SUV, Ideal L9 It's been enough for everyone , Now it's time to come out , Waiting for the 、 Elated 、 Wandering 、 Melon eater 、 The audience rushed to the theatre ,“ Fuse ” Ideal for the official automobile server , It also boosted the number of new car orders to break ten thousand an hour , The share price has reached a new high .

The official server of the ideal car is really a little “ fragile ”, If you keep this 10000 + The order of “ Per hour ”, Isn't it going to be down ?


Picture from the Internet

As one of the leaders of the new forces of car making in China , Ideal car “ Not according to common sense ” Introduction “ Ideal ONE”, Just one model will blow up the competitors , Many people are surprised .

Analyze carefully : Atmospheric appearance 、 Technology interior 、 Medium large scale SUV Space 、 Comfortable seats 、 Rich configuration …… The key is to get the green card , And no mileage anxiety . This has almost stepped on what the current automotive industry calls “ A great change that hasn't happened in a hundred years ” In the background , User's face value 、 Technology 、 Space 、 luxury 、 Energy saving 、 life 、 Green card and all the points you want .


As for how it drives ? How about the material under the chassis ? How about the maintenance cost of the vehicle ? How about reliability ? None of this seems so important . The key is , Few people can figure out these things that need time to verify before buying a car . At least it looks , Ideal ONE A large number of users “ What you want ”, That's enough .

There is an ideal before ONE Accumulation and foreshadowing , So ideal L9 Max On this basis, further optimize 、 Sublimation is not surprising .


So we saw : More refined 、 Atmospheric appearance ; More comfortable 、 Luxurious interior ; More technology 、 Intelligent car machine ; More powerful 、 Efficient power …… Of course , And more “ More expensive ” The price of , But this does not affect the popularity of new cars , At least what we have seen so far , It's like this .

and , Ideal L9 Max You can also choose a specific paint color for a fee ( green 、 blue 、 purple ) And electric pedals , The prices are 1 Ten thousand yuan . Have to say , The ideal car is more and more playable .


It must be at this moment , Wei to 、 Xiao peng 、 tesla 、 BYD and so on “ representative ” The fans of the group began to rub their hands again .

I saw such a video before , A Tesla owner talked about not buying “ Wei Xiaoli ” The reason of , The main idea is : The founders are all engaged in the Internet , Suddenly I went to build a car , Through OEM , A car was built in just a few years , Is it reliable ?

I don't know if it's reliable , I don't dare to ask , Only tens of thousands of ideal car owners every month can answer .

For a considerable number of consumers , Ideal L9 Max As many as 100 This higher-order configuration is also good , More intelligent and secure , It doesn't matter . After all, cars are for driving , Whether it has excellent mechanical texture 、 High driving quality and reliable product guarantee , It's the one that costs hundreds of thousands more “ High-end ” The car should look like . And the achievement of these skills , It takes time .


Of course , We are also happy to see our own brands go better and better in the new energy circuit , This is not only conducive to the improvement of self strength of independent brands , It will also prompt some traditional automobile brands to make changes , All in all , Good market , It is also good for consumers to get more 、 Better products .


Good Che Jun's point of view :

Say ideal L9 Max 500 Invincible within ten thousand , It's a little exaggerated , But the vehicle itself does have a lot of dry goods , More and more consumers are attracted + action , This is the real foundation of an ideal car .

5 Wan Hao ,500 All right , The price matches the value , And can meet the needs of users , That's a good car . therefore , Ideal L9 Max No 500 The best within ten thousand SUV, But it is 500 Within ten thousand, I know the needs of Chinese people best SUV( One of ).



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