2022 Goodwood: Mercedes AMG one starts

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[ Car home   New car launch ]  stay 6 month 23 The opening day of 2022 Goodwood speed section , Mercedes -AMG ONE( Parameters | inquiry ) Official debut . New car carrying and F1 The cars are the same 1.6T turbo V6 Engine and 4 A plug-in hybrid system composed of motors , The comprehensive power of the system has reached 1063 horsepower . The price of the new car is as high as 200 About ten thousand dollars ( renminbi 1335 Ten thousand yuan ), limited 275 car , And sold out , The volume production model is expected to start from 2022 After the production starts in the middle of the year, it will be delivered in succession .

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 Mercedes -AMG AMG ONE 2023 paragraph Basic type

aesthetic , The new car adopts a carbon fiber single shell frame to reduce the vehicle weight . meanwhile , Its aerodynamic design is also quite rich , For example, the adjustable active flaps on the front wheel arches , The rear of the car also has a huge active spoiler and diffuser . It is reported that ,AMG ONE Provide “ Expressway ”、“ Track ”、“ compete in speed DRS”3 An active aerodynamic mode .

 Mercedes -AMG AMG ONE 2023 paragraph Basic type

in addition ,AMG ONE It is also equipped with specially designed ten spoke wheel rim and nine spoke forged magnesium alloy wheel rim , And match Michelin PS Cup 2R M01 Custom tires , front 19 Inch , after 20 Inch , The tyre is for AMG ONE Made to order , Have a special recipe . The new car is also equipped with a carbon ceramic brake system with six front and four rear brake calipers , The front brake disc is 15.6 Inch , The rear brake disc is 15 Inch .

 Mercedes -AMG AMG ONE 2018 paragraph Concept

 Mercedes -AMG AMG ONE 2018 paragraph Concept

To sit in AMG ONE in , First, go through the exaggerated butterfly wing door , Then cross the threshold of carbon fiber , What comes into view is a racing steering wheel with a full sense of combat , as well as 10 Inch full LCD instrument and suspended central control screen . These two screens will display all monitoring parameters about the vehicle , It will also integrate certain entertainment functions , In addition, it is also equipped with air conditioning system and sound system to meet daily needs .

Dynamic part , The new car is made of 1.6 l V6 Turbocharged engine and four motors , The comprehensive power of the system has reached 1063 horsepower . The transmission system will be specially developed 7 speed AMT transmission , as well as AMG 4MATIC+ Four wheel drive system . Make it 2.9 Seconds to complete 0-100km/h Speed up ,0-200km/h Acceleration only 7.0 second ,0-300km/h Speed up only 15.6 second , The maximum speed is 352km/h.( writing / Car home Guo Chen )

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