The secret of Jihu's cross-border marketing is hidden in BAIC bluevale's performance presentation

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Under the new consumption trend , Domestic car companies are constantly seeking new marketing methods to gain the attention of consumers . Cross border co branding 、 event cooperation 、 The theme live broadcast and other forms are becoming a way for car companies to chase . for example , Recently, there have been heated discussions in the industry and the whole network “ Luodayou's debut video Concert No ” Marketing case , It was created under the title of Jihu, a high-end automobile brand under BAIC bluevale .

In the past two years , BAIC bluevale is actively deepening reform , Focus on the brand of Jihu , Try to develop C Mid-market , Take cross-border marketing as a breakthrough , Create a matrix marketing ecosystem , Created a series of amazing marketing templates , Greatly enhance the brand influence , A high degree of conversion has been achieved .

6 month 20 Japan , BAIC bluevale aims at the company 2021 The year and 2022 An online performance presentation meeting was held on the operating results and financial indicators in the first quarter of . It is reported that ,2022 year 1-5 The month of BAIC bluevale New energy Cumulative car sales 13413 car , Year-on-year growth 149.59%.

To some extent , The breakthrough growth of sales volume has something to do with BAIC bluevale's continuous deep cultivation in the field of innovative marketing in recent years . In this performance presentation meeting , BAIC bluevale shared the methodology of cross-border marketing of Jihu automobile . that , How does Jihu occupy the marketing highland and achieve a breakthrough in performance ?

Create a marketing model for breaking boundaries , Continuous Title cuijian 、 Luo Dayou's online concert

In recent years, BAIC bluevale has been actively learning from Internet enterprises and new forces of car making 、 Self innovation , Fully integrate more than ten years of marketing experience in the new energy vehicle market .2021 year , Through innovation, Jihu makes cross-border circle marketing , Show your pioneer's identity incisively and vividly , Whether it's under the ice 、 Mountaintop coffee , Or polar fox street party 、 Breaking energy station 、 Extreme fox action has become very attractive IP.

since this year on , Extreme fox continues to produce new methods in cross-border marketing . First of all 4 In June, it reached a cross-border brand cooperation with Beijing Guoan Football Club , Work together to create “ Green recharge plan ”, Through a year-round user experience Activities , Build an interactive platform for fans . Then in 4、5 In June, I worked with musician Cui Jian 、 Luodayou launched cross-border cooperation , Win tens of millions of traffic by naming and sponsoring online concerts of video numbers .

It is reported that , The official wechat index of luodayou's online concert exceeded 472 ten thousand , rose 89.39%. This is after the exclusive title cuijian online concert in April , Jihu automobile is once again hot out of the circle through cross-border marketing , respectively 4600 10000 views , Total network exposure 16 Eva 4200 10000 views , Total network exposure 27.7 Billion . The addition of brands and the scale of communication have increased exponentially , Reach a high intention to stay more than a thousand , Conversion rate reaches 50% above .

Industry insiders say , Although the cross-border cooperation between automobile brands and musicians has a long history , However, it is the first time that the live broadcast of the brand's exclusive title video concert , Extreme Fox and musician Cui Jian 、 Luo Dayou's cross-border cooperation can be called the annual cross-border marketing model in the industry .

With the increasing attention to the brand , The extreme fox takes advantage of the situation . Up to now , Jihu automobile has opened stores all over the country 114 home , It is planned that this year's marketing stores will reach 186 home , And plan to 2025 To achieve coverage in 100+ City 、380+ The scale of the marketing service network of the outlets .

“ Operation polar fox 2.0” Officially started , Power alpha S new HI Version delivery

At this performance presentation, BAIC bluevale revealed , future , Will continue to strengthen the three key movements , User co creation 、 Circle operation 、 marketing IP make . In terms of user co creation , The derivatives category will be further deepened 、 Users of design and function participate in mass entrepreneurship . In terms of circle operation , Continuously enrich user circle activities , Improve your style , Launch brand based experience 、 Outdoor exploration 、 Circle operation matrix in the direction of scene Salon . meanwhile , Operation polar fox 2.0 Offline activities of the immersive driving exploration camp are also being carried out simultaneously , Continue to target the brand connotation to more people 、 Culture 、 Value and other perceptual attributes are effectively conveyed .

“ Operation polar fox 2.0” This year 4 The month officially begins , The action will take place in 15 Held in the core business district of key cities , At present, Chengdu... Has been successfully held 、 Changsha 、 Wuhan Railway Station , The next stop will be 6 month 23 Arrived in Xi'an on the th . It is reported that ,“ Operation polar fox 2.0 ” Is in “ Operation polar fox 1.0 ” An immersive test drive experience activity upgraded from . Previous “ Operation polar fox 1.0” The plot 、 Mission 、 art 、 Delicious food in one , Create an all-round immersive driving and riding atmosphere , Let the experimenter bring... Through the role 、 Turn off Carson And so on , Zero distance immersive experience of intelligent technology and driving experience brought by Jihu automobile .

“ Operation polar fox 2.0” Keep your favorite “ Immersive 、 Plot type 、 Mission system ” Under the premise of three core elements , Yes ‘ Operation polar fox 1.0’ The test drive activity of the major play in the has been upgraded in all dimensions . for example , To experience the game, you need to download relevant APP、 Small programs and complete knowledge Question and answer , So as to directly increase consumers' awareness of Jihu brand , Even for the corresponding product alpha S Alfa T models There will also be direct contact and understanding .

Except for the polar fox alpha at the scene S And polar fox alpha T Two cars , It is jointly built by Jihu automobile and Huawei “ Intelligent driving the first car ” Alpha the fox S new HI The edition has been published this year 5 Month comes out , And in 7 In January, the delivery was started for full payment and large order users . It is reported that , alpha S new HI Version is the world's first mass-produced Huawei ADS Intelligent driving vehicle , It is also the first intelligent cockpit equipped with Huawei - Hongmeng car machine OS High end pure electric mass production cars , Or the first one 750V High voltage platform super electric products 、 The first wireless charging mass production product 、 The first mass production vehicle with fully redundant architecture .

According to the production and sales data released by BAIC new energy ,2021 year , The sales volume of Jihu automobile in the first year 6006 car , Among them in 2021 year 12 month , For the first time, the sales volume of Jihu automobile exceeded 1000 , Year-on-year growth 569%. This year, 4 month , Jihu auto delivery 1140 A new car , Year-on-year growth 1113%,1-4 Monthly cumulative delivery 3186 car , Year on year growth of up to 750%, The growth momentum is strong .

Now , BAIC bluevale relies on users to create 、 Circle operation and marketing IP It has gradually built a unique three-dimensional matrix brand marketing ecology in the industry , Achieve the same frequency resonance with users . Under the continuous deepening of innovative marketing , Supporting ongoing “ Operation polar fox 2.0”, Alpha the fox S new HI The version may be ready for full sales , The future sales volume of BAIC bluevale new energy vehicles is expected to continue to grow .


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