Countdown 1 day | come to Tencent smart travel new product launch and explore cloud productivity together

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        On the cloud , It is becoming a must and optimal solution for the automotive industry .

       6 month 24 Japan 10:00-11:00,「TIME Day· Tencent smart travel 2022 New product release conference 」 It will be held by means of online live broadcast . The press conference will focus on the phased needs and pain points of the automobile industry on the cloud , Work with the industry to find the best solution for cloud , Release # Cloud productivity .

        key word : efficiency

        The scale of intelligent vehicles on the road 、 The continuous evolution of autonomous driving ability , Huge and miscellaneous data that bring explosive growth , High storage costs 、 Difficult to manage , How to go to the cloud more effectively ? Automatic driving related to intelligent vehicles 、 Smart cockpit 、 Technical frameworks such as maps are not unified , Data fragmentation , How to improve 「 cloudy 」 Integrated management and operational efficiency ?

        key word : Security

        The automobile industry is fully digitalized , Make the network boundary more open , The potential attack area is expanding , Valuable data assets are threatened . What new challenges are car companies facing in the cloud ? How to clear the safety dead corner ?

        key word : toughness

        The automobile industry has entered a period of structural adjustment , New technology 、 New models bring new challenges . meanwhile , In the face of repeated epidemics 、 Chip shortage 、 Local turbulence and other black swan events , The automotive industry has entered an era of uncertainty . In the face of complex situations , How to forge business resilience , Dealing with uncertainty risks ?

        key word : Differentiation

        Intelligent configuration 、 Digital process has become the standard configuration of automobile enterprises , Bring efficiency improvement and standardization development . How to improve efficiency , Realize differentiation 、 Customized 、 Individualization , Build your own competitiveness of automobile brands ?

       「TIME Day· Tencent smart travel 2022 New product release conference 」 On , Tencent will release cloud solutions related to smart cars , And invite people from all walks of life 、 Shanghai automotive industry corporation 、 Partner representatives of Weilai automobile , Around autonomous driving 、 Share practical experience on topics such as automotive data security and extreme user experience .

       6 month 24 Japan , Wait for you to make an appointment ~


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