Starting from RMB 109800, Zhengzhou Nissan Ruiqi 7 arrived as "7"

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The wind blows the moon , Mountains and seas meet .6 month 16 Japan , Zhengzhou Nissan New Shuxiang joint venture pickup Ruiqi 7 Not negative “7” stay , Such as “7” And to , At the foot of Yulong Snow Mountain in Lijiang, Yunnan , Baisha ancient town was officially listed . Vernon 7 The price range of gasoline models is 10.98-15.48 Ten thousand yuan , The price range of diesel models is 11.38-16.08 Ten thousand yuan . The new car also provides manual / Automatically 、 Two flooding / 4WD and other combinations , And contains different container versions 、 Color is tie-in , total 30 More than models . On the run “ Have a strong life ” The long road , I believe there is always a Ruiqi 7 For you .  

In order to give back the long-term support and trust of users , Zhengzhou Nissan launched multiple products simultaneously “ Have energy ” Good manners . stay 6 month 16 Japan -7 month 31 During the day , Car buyers can enjoy the highest financial subsidy 3500 element 、10 Annual free basic flow ( Internet of vehicles only ) as well as 3 year 10 10000 km vehicle warranty and other value-added gifts .

Factory and customer create a two-way journey Word of mouth creates a value model

event , Fujimu Renda, executive deputy general manager of Zhengzhou Nissan, said frankly , In recent years, users' expectations for pickups have been evolving , Thanks to the lifting and promotion of the national pickup restriction policy , Pickup trucks are transporting goods from the previous “ A car for work ”, Gradually change to “ Holiday leisure time 、 A car to enjoy a good time with family and friends ”, Zhengzhou Nissan has been committed to producing vehicles that can meet the needs of users for differentiated vehicles .

“ Respond to the market changes of the diversity of user needs , Zhengzhou Nissan insists on insight into the user's use scenarios , Constantly explore the needs of users in the market segment , Work hard for a group of people who rely on their career 、 Take family as responsibility and love to move forward 、 A customer group who takes pursuing dreams as a challenge to achieve themselves , Created this comfortable joint venture pickup rickshaw 7.” Zhangxiaoqiang, deputy general manager of Zhengzhou Nissan, said .

29 Over the years , Zhengzhou Nissan continues to cultivate pickup truck market , The accumulated valuable experience is to keep moving closer to users , From users , Go to users , Create a win-win situation with users . Vernon 7 Born of users , Yunnan is home to a large number of pickup trucks 、 Understand pickup 、 A pickup user who plays pickup . Reliable quality 、 Zhengzhou Nissan, with considerate service, has a solid user base here , From one of the ten famous Pu'er strongholds “ Windy stronghold ” Go to Weidong village in Xishuangbanna , In recent years, one after another Nissan pickup villages in Zhengzhou have settled in Yunnan .

event , From Weidong village 、 Li Jie, who has successively started three Zhengzhou Nissan pickup trucks , Is a faithful pickup truck powder of Zhengzhou Nissan to the letter , Under his guidance , The whole village has bought 80 Multiple pickup trucks , among 50 Many of them are Zhengzhou Nissan pickup trucks , Zhengzhou Nissan has obviously become the most trusted brand of the villagers .

Market performance and public praise are the most direct recognition of products by users . event , Xiuzhao Kanzaki, deputy general manager of Zhengzhou Nissan, Xiang Ruiqi 7 Vehicle keys delivered by the first batch of users , Li Yi from Yiwu Town, the starting point of the ancient tea horse road in Xishuangbanna, said on the spot , He is a big fan of Zhengzhou Nissan ,2007 Since, I have successively started 5 A pickup truck made by Zhengzhou Nissan , Because the product quality is reliable 、 Substantial and durable , Plus the upgraded multiplication 、 Intelligent configuration , He is a good helper in his business , It is a good partner in life .

Powerful pickup truck strength benchmark Brand new Ruiqi 7 Come for you

Vernon 7 It's a high value product 、 High performance 、 The high quality , A comfortable and intelligent pickup truck . Stay motivated 、 economy 、 On the basis of cargo carrying capacity and other competitive advantages , Upgrade through all-round multiplicative configuration , Greatly improve users' driving experience .

Beauty is justice , Personality can capture people's hearts . Vernon 7 Copy the overall appearance “ The tiger ” Look ,X Sports front face , With a bright LED Lamp combination , Highlight the tiger roaring mountain forest like domineering 、 Smart 、 A brave demeanor .

Of course , If you have a tiger in your heart, you should sniff the rose . Vernon 7 On the interior , Find inspiration from the landscape reflection of traditional Chinese painting , Shape “ Mountains and rivers ” Like artistic conception space . A lot of soft bags 、 Piano baking varnish 、 Materials and processes such as wood texture add luxury texture , The zero gravity seat supports the driver 8 Electric adjustment , Lying on such a comfortable seat , Through the super large skylight of the same level pickup truck, you can see the bright stars in the sky , It is a kind of comfort for the enterprise to fight bravely and a firm determination for the family to move forward for love .

Enjoy what you think , Enjoy the comfort brought by technology . With the development of science and technology , Pickup truck is no longer a simple tool car , What's more, it combines the comfort and scientific attributes of passenger cars . Vernon 7 Equipped with keyless entry 、 One button start 、 The seat 10 Intelligent configuration such as adjustment .10 Inch HD suspended central control large screen , Voice control can be achieved 、 Smart navigation 、 Remote start 、 Turn on the air conditioner remotely 、 Remote locking 、OTA Upgrade and other functions . In Ruiqi 7 On the body , Then you can enjoy yourself 、 worry 、 Safety and convenience .

“ core ” Yearn for , To cross mountains . Vernon 7 As a new work of sincerity , Inherited the strong off-road gene of Nissan , The new car is on the same platform as Nissan Navarra , The Renault Nissan Alliance M9T Power upgrade of diesel engine , Then cooperate with ZF 8AT transmission , Create golden power , Bring freedom of driving and riding at will .

rove all over the world , Peace of mind is to return . When you drive your pickup truck and dream to climb mountains , Only with close companionship can we have an unimpeded peace of mind . Regardless of 45℃ Hot Turpan 、 Below zero 40℃ The extremely cold Mohe river , Or altitude 5500m Kunlun mountain pass, the roof of the world , All left Ruiqi 7 Footprints of . Adhering to Nissan durability verification system , Accumulated more than 230 Ten thousand kilometers of severe comprehensive durability test , Only then did we cast Ruiqi 7 Stable and reliable excellent quality . The new car is equipped with four-wheel ventilated disc brakes 、 Tire pressure monitoring 、 Cruise control 、 The body is stable 、360 Panoramic images 、 Electronic hand brake and other active and passive safety configurations , Always guard the driving safety of vehicles , Bring all-round peace of mind experience .

Meet the jade dragon in a fairyland Enjoy an energetic life with an energetic pickup truck

From Baisha ancient town, the ancient capital of the ancient Naxi Kingdom , It is like a mysterious land beyond the world , And then to the fairyland under the Yulong Snow Mountain, runangu , The magical scenery of mountain rush and water rage can not help but make people admire the beauty of nature , Vernon 7 The strong performance and reliable quality of the test drive have been praised by the test drive media .

On the way to Wenhai village , The motorcade passed through a section of 28 Even the winding mountain road , The continuous turning back makes the fearless sharp Qi 7 It gives full play to its extraordinary power performance . Stable climbing 、 Fast acceleration 、 Small turning radius 、 Flexible handling , Strong dynamic performance makes Ruiqi 7 stay “ Devil's road ” It shows the excellent driving quality .

From Wenhai village to Runan ancient , As we get closer to the foot of Yulong Snow Mountain , The road conditions are becoming more and more complicated , Steep unpaved mountain roads 、 Gravel bumps the road to Ruiqi 7 The comfort of 、 Stability presents a higher test . however , You can just step on the gas here , Leave the rest to borgwana electronic time-sharing 4WD , At the same time, assist in uphill 、 Steep slope descent and large approach angle 、 With the blessing of departure angle design , Don't worry about getting stuck . what's more ,ZONE BODY Regional body construction , Totally enclosed “O” Type structure frame , All around to protect your driving safety .

As a strategic product of Zhengzhou Nissan, both business and ride , Vernon 7 This ride pickup perfectly takes into account the city SUV And high-quality pickup : On the one hand, it is comfortable to drive 、 Configure everything ; One side is solid and reliable 、 Worthy of long-term trust . It can take you to pursue mountains, rivers, lakes, seas, poems and the distance , You can also become a loyal partner in your home . That's what it is , There are both sides and materials . Vernon 7 We will strive to make more and more people who strive for the top find a sense of belonging , Share a powerful pickup truck with many practitioners of common prosperity , Enjoy a vigorous life !

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