Achieve 1000 km endurance of the whole vehicle /ningde times released Kirin battery in 2023

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6 month 23 Japan , Ningde times released the third generation CTP—— Kirin battery , The system integration has reached a new high in the world , Breakthrough in volume utilization 72%, The energy density can reach 255Wh/kg, Can realize the whole vehicle 1000 Km range , In the same chemical system 、 Under the same battery pack size , Compared with the power of Kirin battery pack 4680 The system can improve 13%, Will be in 2023 It's on the market in mass production .


What are the highlights of Kirin battery ?

Kirin battery integration needs , Place the cross member 、 The water cooling plate and the heat insulation pad are combined into one , Integrated into multi-functional elastic interlayer . Build a micron bridge connection device in the interlayer , It can flexibly cooperate with the breathing of the electric cell for free expansion and contraction , Improve the whole life cycle reliability of the cell . And the integrated energy unit composed of electric core and multifunctional elastic interlayer , Build a more stable stress structure perpendicular to the driving direction , The anti vibration of the battery pack is improved 、 Impact capacity .


Ningde era is based on accurate calculation and AI Simulation explores the design boundary of Kirin battery's full life cycle application scenario . Original bottom space sharing scheme , Protect the structure 、 High voltage connection 、 Function modules such as thermal runaway exhaust are intelligently distributed , The release of the 6% The energy space of . meanwhile , It can meet the national standard battery safety test requirements such as bottom ball impact .


The world's first large area cooling technology for power cells , Based on the change of the cell , Place the water cooling function between the cells , Increase the heat exchange area by four times . The temperature control time of the electric cell is shortened to half of the original time , Support 5 Minute quick hot start and 10 Minute quick charge . also , In extreme cases , The cell can be cooled rapidly , Effectively block abnormal heat conduction between cells . Kirin battery can realize the thermal stability of all chemical systems 、 Thermal safety , So as to adapt to the upgrading of materials with higher energy density .


Ningde era implemented the system engineering thinking from the material 、 The whole chain from cell to system structure . Through three major technological innovations , Kirin battery can increase the energy density of the ternary battery system to 255Wh/kg, The energy density of the lithium iron phosphate battery system is increased to 160Wh/kg. In the same chemical system 、 Under the same battery pack size , The power of the Kirin battery pack , comparison 4680 The system can be improved 13%, Achieved endurance 、 Quick charge 、 Security 、 life 、 efficiency 、 And the overall improvement of low temperature performance .

Three generations of Ningde era CTP What are the differences in technology ?

2019 year , Ningde times is the first time in the world to create a module free battery pack CTP. Its breakthrough lies in the elimination of such processes as module side plate and module fastener welding , The volume utilization ratio of the battery pack is improved 20%-30% to 55%, Reduce the number of parts 40%, Improve production efficiency 50%, Representative model BAIC EU5.


In the second generation, remove the two end plates of the module , Use the longitudinal and transverse beams on the box to replace the end plate , The number of module accessories is further reduced , Put the battery cell directly into the battery box , The representative model Wei Lai 75 degree .

The third generation further removed the vertical and horizontal beams on the box , The clamp between the two cells and the cell body are used to meet the structural requirements .

Kirin battery energy density 、 Range compared to 4680 Higher battery , It will be a major breakthrough for the new energy vehicle track . Battery life and safety , It has always been the key to restricting the popularization of electric vehicles , Once there is a major breakthrough , The penetration of new energy vehicles will continue to improve .

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