Suddenly, Wei Lai was suspected of rushing out of the headquarters building and falling to the ground during the test drive!

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6 month 22 On Tuesday night , Some netizens posted pictures of a bizarre car accident on the Weilai road test drive on the social platform . Some netizens revealed that , The vehicle rushed out of the parking lot on the fourth floor and fell to the ground .


At present, neither Weilai automobile nor the police have released further information , We have no way to confirm whether this statement is true , But from the pictures posted on the Internet , The vehicle is likely to fall from a high place , A violent impact on the ground , The ground was covered with broken glass 、 Cement block , Vehicle rollover , The roof has been destroyed , The site conditions can be “ bitter ” To describe .

It is rare for a vehicle to fall from a high building . So many people are concerned about : Is the driver injured ? Which model of Weilai was involved in the road test of the accident ? Where did the accident happen ?


The netizen said , The vehicle that caused this strange accident was Wei Lai ET7 Road test , The incident took place in Shanghai innovation port Weilai headquarters , The driver has been taken to the hospital .

from eliminate Guard At the scene operation Look at , They should be people in the ambulance . However, these information still need further confirmation from the authorities .


Wei to ET7 It is the first car of Wei Lai , The price is 45.8-53.6 Ten thousand yuan . A big selling point of the car is that it is equipped with the chassis domain controller of weilaiyan ICC, It can be combined with air suspension 、 camera 、 Laser radar 、 High precision maps and cloud big data , For chassis comfort 、 Maneuverability 、 Comprehensive design and adjustment of driving performance . At the same time, it also supports high-level automatic driving scenarios with cross domain integration , And through FOTA upgrade , Realize flexible and fast chassis suspension iteration .

Wei to ET7 This year, 3 After listing in January, there were two cases of lying down , Cause people to worry about the quality of the vehicle .


The most popular one is this year 6 That time in June , A Wei Lai car owner posted a title on Wei Lai community 《ET7 Lie down while driving , What am I gonna do? 》 's post , The owner said :"ET7 Lie down while driving , What am I gonna do? , Today is the first day to collect the car 13 God , Normal driving , Without any warning , Suddenly the whole vehicle is powered off , brake failure , Only rely on inertia to stop slowly , All electrical equipment is out of order , Double flash cannot be turned on ......".

And why did this road test fall from upstairs ?《 The big guy in the auto industry 》 Will continue to focus on .

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