Red head type r the first half of my life

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EK9 Type R It's the third Honda Type R Vehicle type , about EK9 Parameters of , I believe that you should Tianche fans are already familiar with . But there's a problem , I don't know if you've thought about it . In giving NSX This flagship sports car Type R After melting , Why the third one Type R Will choose a civic , Instead of choosing other models ? Although it is said that there are not many models launched by Honda , But it is not just a choice for Civic , For example, those Today、City Even a larger Pavilion can be used Type R turn , Why should we get one for civic first Type R Well ? First of all , In fact, this question has not been answered by the government , So the following answer is just Xiaobian's own guess . Select civic for Type R turn , Apart from the fact that the civic car itself is people-friendly , I think it has a lot to do with the racing history of Civic . Need to know , Civic has a long history of racing in its car history , And there are a few more impressive cars , Even shocked the existence of Europe , For example, when I was at the Dongwangyang race track, I took 1.6L The displacement of a vicious fight E30 and AMG Of EG, I believe the older generation of car fans still remember this race . This is only one of the history of civic racing , Let's take a look at the history of civic racing .

Image Since the first generation of civic, it has been competing , Although this is not a factory team , But it was a team of Honda's internal engineers , The experience gained from this car can not only be used in future racing , It can be applied to civilian vehicles , For example, making Type R.

Image This car carries EJ Series of 1300cc The engine of , Its original horsepower was only 68 horse , But after the engineers strengthened , Its horsepower was increased to 150 horse , It's enough to improve 1 Times more horsepower .

Image In addition to the increase in horsepower , The weight of this car has also been reduced , from 680kg Reduce to 600kg.

The racing history of civic can be divided into several generations , And it can be traced back to the first generation of civic . It was not anyone else who first used civic as a racing car , But researchers from Honda's engineering laboratory in Japan . Here's the thing , At first, Honda wanted to provide a more free thinking and research environment for researchers in engineering laboratories , It turns out that 1978 In the year , The researchers organized a team to race on their own , And this team is called TEAM YAMATO. The team began to refit a first generation Civic which was relatively new at that time SB1 Play , However, this team has not been officially recognized by Honda , So they have quite a small budget , And the refitting time can only be carried out in spare time . The machine SB1 The car is equipped with SB1 Used on the original car EJ Series engine , But it was also deeply modified by the technical leaders of the team , For example, add the four throat direct injection system , At the same time, the speed is greatly increased . And after a series of enhancements , The machine EJ The series engine has only 68 horse @5500 The rotational horsepower was suddenly increased to 150 horse @7800, In this way, the original uncompetitive engine has strong combat effectiveness . In addition to power , Weight reduction is also one of the key points of making a racing car , The machine SB1 Of course, there is no exception , The engineers reduced the overall weight of the car from 680kg Reduce again to 600kg.

ImageSB1 After retirement , Honda officially launched the third generation Civic (AT) Competition , And found unlimited cooperation , Let infinity make the engine of this car .

Image This car is quite large because of the rear vertical window , Therefore, it is also called "big TV" , It's on 1983 Years swept the whole JTC The field , Win the driver and team championship .


The machine SB1 Civic first participated in the touring car race held at Fuji circuit , At that time, its rival was Nissan B310 Sunny、 Toyota KP47 Starlets Models such as , Both cars are rear drive , In that age when the suspension technology was not too mature , Rear drive models have certain advantages , And these two cars also have certain advantages in aerodynamic design , and SB1 It's more like fighting alone . But it can still stand out and win the competition .SB1 from 1978 Started to compete in , Used until 1984 year , here we are 1985 Japan officially introduced Group A Of the game , therefore SB1 No longer suitable for the race , So I officially retired .



Image This Civic is equipped with DOHC Of ZC engine , And after infinite remaking , This engine is made of the original 110 I ascended to 225 horse , And its displacement is still one 1600cc.

1985 year , By introducing FIA A Group match cases , The event was officially renamed the all Japan touring car championship (JTC), The appearance of the car body cannot be changed due to the regulations , The shape of the civilian vehicle must be preserved , Therefore, this can provide a good publicity opportunity for the car factory . therefore , Honda decided to compete as a factory team this time , The car it uses is the third generation Civic Si(AT), It carries a DOHC Of ZC The engine of the series . Competitors competing with civic have gone from Starlets Became Toyota's AE86. and AE86 Thanks to its turbocharged blessing, it has shown great competitiveness in the competition . To cope with such a powerful opponent , Honda found infinity to make racing cars together . The infinite aspect is right again ZC The engine is transformed , Make this one ZC Engine from 110 HP increased to 225 horse , And it is famous in Japan F1 The driver is aware of the race . however , Because this car is not involved in the whole year's race , So even if you can win a few games , But it still can't stop Toyota from winning the annual championship .

ImageEF There are two models in the era , They are the early stage EF3 And later EF9,EF9 For a civic SiR models , It carries B16A engine , Powerful performance .


1986 year , Toyota changed cars again , Replaced with a corolla of the same drive form as the Civic FX(AE82) Competition , This year, Toyota's combat effectiveness is still strong , Civic only gets beaten , This was not the case until the following year ,1987 Only then began to reverse .1987 In, Honda still competed with the third generation Civic , But some adjustments have also been made , And the driver was replaced by two drivers, i.e. Nakajima and Hideki Okada , This year, Honda took the lead in 6 The winning attitude won the championship of both drivers and teams in that year . And the same year , The fourth generation Civic (EF) It's also officially launched , So this third generation Civic car was officially retired the following year .

Image here we are EG Time ,B16A The powerful power of the engine and its suspension body design , Make it like a cheater , It is difficult to find an opponent in the same group .


1988 year , Honda began to use the fourth generation Civic to participate in the competition , But the first thing I used was EF3 models , Its engine still uses the previous generation of Civic ZC Series engines compete , And by the 1990, Honda is right again EF upgrade , First, change the model from EF3 Replace with EF9, The civic SiR models , And its engine has also changed from the original ZC The engine was replaced to carry DOHC VTEC Of B16A engine , Continue to compete with Toyota , At this time, Toyota's racing car also changed from AE82 Turned into AE92 and AE101. Final , This year, although Honda could not be like 87 Swept the field like that in , But still won the manufacturer's championship .


Image The machine B16A The engine is under infinite Promotion , Can output more than 230 The power of horse , Plus the front and rear double rocker arm suspension , As a result, it has few competitors , It can even compete with racing cars with larger displacement .

1992 Mid season , Honda replaced the car again . At this time, the fifth generation Civic (EG), This is also the most famous generation of racing cars in the history of civic racing . This car is based on the brand new EG6 SiR Model making , Pick up the B16A engine , But by this time the engine has been upgraded to more than 230 The power of horse . Under the powerful power and the natural use of double rocker arm suspension and other equipment , This car has almost dominated the whole stadium . And the only thing that can compete with it , Only two are used EG chassis (EG6、EG9) The model of .

Image Due to the re reform of the competition ,EG6 It does not meet the competition specifications , So there are only EG9 In the competition .

Image And with this EG9 Competitive , But the displacement is bigger 2000cc Group .


1994 year ,JTC Ushered in another reform , This change is in addition to the changes in the rules , Even the name of the event has changed , From this year on JTC The certificate is renamed as JTCC, Japan RV championship . And in the race , The biggest change is the restriction on the car body , According to the regulations, only four doors are allowed Sedan Car models in the form of body compete , So as 3 door Hatchback Of EG6 So we can only retreat from the firing line . I gave up my position to the one with four doors and three compartments Civic Ferio(EG9) Continue to fight . The machine EG9 The car is still carrying B16A engine , But because of its powerful performance , It has no choice but to be upgraded to a larger displacement 2000cc Group competition . although , Such a group upgrade is necessary for one set 1600cc The model is not fair , But because the performance is too outstanding, I have no choice , But it also taught Honda a lesson , Later, the car was replaced with CD6 Accord competes as a racing car .

ImageGathers Of EK9 Although I haven't participated in JTCC, But it is involved in Japan N1 Endurance race , And also ended Nissan at that time Skyline Of 50 In a row .




The history of civic racing actually goes far beyond this , But from the first generation SB1 After arriving EG9 But it can be said to have witnessed the racing course of civic in the first half of its life , It is also witnessing that civic is becoming stronger step by step , Return to the topic at the beginning , With so much racing experience , The second one Type R Who else can I give to civic ?

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