Answer: the more gears, the better fuel economy? Truth or deception?

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When people look at cars with more transmission gears, they will say from their heart : This car is better than mine ! Now the car , There are more and more transmission gears , Take the automatic transmission for example , It was popular in the early years 5 speed 、6 speed , Everyone thought it was enough .

later , Come out 7 speed , Now I have designed 10 speed …… What will the increase of transmission gear change the vehicle ? Is the more gears the better ?


Gearbox is one of the most important parts of automobile . Many small partners also struggle with the number of gears when buying a car , Which is better, fifth or sixth 、 Seven or eight or nine gears are high ? For a car , It is not easy to think that the more gears the better , In theory, the more gears the transmission has, the better economy and smoothness will be achieved , But what is more important is the matching with the engine .

actually , The more gears you have, the better the car is , It means more expensive . So today we're going to talk about , Those rumors and misconceptions about the multi gear transmission .

What are the benefits of more gears ?


1、 The influence of the number of gears on driving comfort

If the number of gear pairs is large , Or there are many gears , So, with the total transmission ratio unchanged , The transmission ratio of each gear pair can be set closer conditionally , In this way, the transmission condition before and after shifting “ change ” smaller , Not only can you shift gears more timely , And it can also make gear shifting more smooth , Less shift impact , Driving comfort is enhanced .


2、 The influence of the number of gears on fuel consumption

Because there are more and more reasonable gears to adapt to driving conditions , It can make the driving state of the car more “ A smooth ”、“ harmonious ”. The same speed , Higher gear , The lower the engine speed , The more fuel-efficient it is , It also reduces mechanical wear .


3、 The influence of the number of gears on the power

First , If there are more gears , Can make it 1 Gear has a large transmission ratio , This will enable 1 High torque output when starting in gear ; secondly , If it has more gears , that , When accelerating, its gear shifting response will be more timely and rapid , It can make the power of the car play to a better state .


Less gear means less technology

The facts : Nowadays, there are more and more gears in the automobile gearbox , In fact, in order to improve the transmission efficiency of the gearbox , Technical treatment to reduce carbon emissions , And upgrading .


therefore , It doesn't mean that 4 A high-speed gearbox is better than 6 speed 、7 The technology of high-speed transmission is backward , because 20 The speed shift logic years ago , and 20 Shift logic after years , It's the same thing , The difference is that the multi gear transmission has several more gears . Actually, it's like , You can't say 27 A fast bike , than 18 Faster bikes are more advanced , Is that so? !


The more gears, the smoother

The facts : The more gears , There will be more variable speed gears , The gear change is relatively frequent , The less frustrating it is , The smoother the transmission is . Logic is not wrong , But the problem is that shifting has little to do with the number of gears , It is related to the adjustment and computer processing before the vehicle leaves the factory .


That is to say , Even if there are many gears , But the computer is not sensitive to judge the speed of shifting , Or the adjustment is unreasonable , There will be a sense of frustration . Of course , Part of the reason is the driver , The strength of stepping on the accelerator is related to the habit .


The more gears, the more fuel economy

As I said before , The design of multiple gears is mainly to improve the transmission efficiency of the gearbox , Reduce carbon emissions , Therefore, a car with multiple gears does save more fuel . however , The more gears you have, the more frequently you shift , When shifting gears The longer you're in neutral . Suppose it's normal AT The shift time of the transmission is 0.2 About seconds , that 8 It may take hundreds of times for a 1-speed transmission to shift gears , Therefore, the fuel consumption of neutral gear is not small .


Of course , These are all theoretical guesses , There have been tests ,8AT Than 6AT Increased efficiency 5% to 10%,8AT to 9AT Efficiency has only improved 1% about . But the problem ,8AT、9AT Price of transmission , Comparable 6AT The gearbox costs a lot ! What's the price performance ratio , We can figure it out by ourselves .

Which gear is more cost-effective ?

In fact, for family cars ,6、7 The high-speed gearbox is more economical , Torque bearing capacity is also relatively broad , The price of maintenance will not be too expensive .

To make a long story short

Of course , If you emphasize smoothness and fuel economy , Why don't you change it CVT Stepless gearbox , simulation 20 All files are OK …… Of course, it's just a joke , And what we mainly express is , Do not superstitious multi gear transmission , Practical is good .

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