Benchmarking Audi RS4 Avant, BMW M3 Travel Edition was released on June 23. Are you looking forward to it?

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Talking about station wagons , The first reaction of many people is probably Audi RS6 and RS4 Avant Models such as , This shows Audi's attainments in the field of station wagon . Actually BBA The other two members of —— BMW and Mercedes Benz also dabble in station wagons , Just not as hard as the former . Take BMW for example , The last station wagon released was 15 Years ago, M5 Travel version , The good news is that BMW is about to launch a new station wagon , But this time it's a brand new BMW M3 Travel version .

( audi RS4 Avant)

Before the official appearance , To get more attention , BMW M3 Last week, the Travel Edition specially held a “ Big news ”, With 7 branch 35.060 Second results , Set an official record for the fastest station wagon on the track , Than the previous record holder ——AMG E63S The travel section is about 10 second , Compared with Audi RS4 Avant Even faster 23 Seconds . Such performance can be called rubbing the opponent on the ground , The three enterprises may stage a new round “ The arms race ”.

(AMG E63S Travel version )

Go back to the vehicle itself , BMW M3 The first half of the travel edition is designed with M3 The common version of is basically the same , Large double kidney air intake grille with high recognition , Friends who haven't seen a real car always find it unacceptable , But after seeing the real car , You will find that the sense of disobedience is not as strong as that in the photos . The lower enclosure design is more complex , The construction of sports atmosphere is in place .

( BMW M3)

( BMW M3 Travel version )

The most attractive part of the station wagon is the sexy tail , BMW M3 The travel version of the rear wheel arch has a wide body design , The wide rear is equipped with a four way exhaust design on both sides , How can it not be fascinating ? The diffuser shape below echoes with the front of the vehicle , Further enhance the sports atmosphere .

( BMW M3 Travel version )

Inside the car , The new car adopts the latest dual screen design style of BMW , Compared with the previous suspended central control screen , A sense of technology has improved . The iconic “ Chicken leg lever ” To be preserved , In addition, you can see that , There are more carbon fiber decorations in the seat and central aisle areas , It is of great help to improve the sports atmosphere in the car .

( BMW M3 Travel interior )

Finally speaking of power , The new car will be equipped with M3 Same powertrain , The code is S58 Of 3.0T In line 6 Two cylinder twin turbocharged engine , The engine can produce up to 510 horsepower , The maximum torque is 650 cattle · rice , However, whether the travel model will derive a different power adjustment version , It will be a few days before we know . But to be sure , The chassis adjustment of the new car is better than M3 Make some adjustments , In order to adapt to the influence caused by the change of body weight distribution .

( BMW M3 Engine compartment )

At the end

Although the station wagon is a niche market , But this time BMW launched M3 The purpose of the travel edition is very clear , Do not miss any opportunity to suppress your opponent . Refer to Audi RS4 Avant The current starting price is 82.88 Ten thousand yuan , BMW M3 The price of the travel version may be close to the million yuan mark , So for BMW M3 Travel and Audi RS4 Avant The competition between the two , Who do you like better ? You might as well give your opinion in the comments .( writing / ATV Control the wind )

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