The development of the automobile industry has a history of a hundred years. During these long years, we have felt the changes brought to us by automobiles, including convenience and speed, and of course, many negative impacts, such as environmental protection issues.In order to make the auto industry have a more rapid development, auto companies all over the world have begun to transform to low carbon, environmental protection and green, and BAIC Blue Valley is one of the practitioners.

As a representative of high-end new energy in China, BAIC Blue Valley has been defending the concept and method of green travel!Since its inception, it has carried the corporate vision of "One Wei Lan dream, two world-class", not only to provide users with high-quality products, but also to promote green and environmentally friendly travel methods and concepts to everyone.They are always user-oriented and provide users with greener, smarter and more convenient travel solutions through innovation and R&D, and are willing to work with global car companies to build a healthy and sustainable car environment.

A good vision also needs an executable plan to realize it.To this end, on June 15 this year, BAIC Blue Valley released the online press conference of the "Blue Blue Plan", the purpose of which is to better implement the corporate philosophy of low-carbon and green travel, so as to promote carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.And the "dual carbon" goal of landing.It can be seen from this plan that in the future, BAIC Blue Valley will start from four aspects: product carbon reduction, technology carbon reduction, manufacturing carbon reduction, and low-carbon ecology, so that the entire commercial vehicle series will complete the transition from an oil-to-electricity platform to a new platform., accelerate the application of carbon reduction technologies, improve the technological level of renewable energy utilization, and lay out a series of follow-up development fields such as used cars, power battery recycling, and dismantling.

As a leader in new energy, BAIC Blue Valley has always been adhering to everyone's demeanor, maintaining its original aspiration, undertaking corporate mission and social responsibility, and building a community of shared future together with world auto companies, taking green travel as the lead, and using practical actions to influenceMore ways for people to travel!