The new technology of chip corner overtaking, Chiplet concept stock list!

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Chip concept, there is a dark line these days: chiplet technology.

Chiplet technology is regarded by many industry insiders as an opportunity for Chinese semiconductor companies to overtake in corners after the slowdown of Moore's Law.

Chiplet is not a new concept, its concept originated from the multi-chip module born in the 1970s, that is, a large chip composed of multiple homogeneous or heterogeneous smaller chips, that is, the original designThe chip in the same SoC is split into many different small chips to be manufactured separately and then packaged or assembled, so the split chip is called "chiplet".

Chiplets are related to advanced packaging technology. Recently, Dagang shares have been trading up and down, which is the concept.
There is also Minxin shares, which closed at close to 20cm today.
In addition, in addition to the EDA concept being hyped up in the past two days, in addition to the U.S. wanting to cut off EDA supply, Chiplet is also one of the reasons.
Hua Da Jiutian, Qulun Electronics, Anlu Technology, they are all fried EDA concepts.

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