Has a car factory executive asked to buy 25 wafers?Wei Zhejia: TSMC takes orders for 25,000 pieces!

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August 5th news, according to Reuters reports, TSMC President Wei Zhejia received a call from the top of the car factory, saying that 25 wafers are urgently needed.When the film took off, Wei Zhe's family replied, "No wonder you can't get support."

The report pointed out that Wei Zhejia said that before the outbreak of the car chip shortage, he never received a call from the top of the car factory.In the past 2 years, I have received many phone calls from the top of the car factory and acted like best friends.

Wei Zhejia mentioned that a senior executive of a car factory once called and said that 25 wafers were urgently needed. Since TSMC's order scale mostly starts from 25,000 wafers, so they told the other party."No wonder you don't get support."

TSMC has stated many times that the automotive industry supply chain has its own inventory management method, which is long and complicated. It takes at least 6 months from chip manufacturing to automobile production, and there are alsoGo through multiple layers of suppliers.

In order to help customers solve the challenges faced by chip supply, TSMC put the capacity needs of supporting automotive electronics customers as a top consideration early last year, and rarely dynamically adjusts and redistributes wafersproduction capacity to support the global automotive industry.

The report pointed out that after experiencing the chip shortage, car manufacturers have not only developed their own chips, but also cooperated with semiconductor companies to strengthen their mastery of automotive chips.

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