The interior has been upgraded, the power has been updated, and the 100,000-class joint-venture sedan has been launched. You will not regret choosing them!

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The 100,000-level joint venture sedan market has always been a battleground for military strategists. After all, under the offensive of the domestic army, only constantOnly by innovating the old and bringing forth the new can we gain a firm foothold.Recently, many joint venture family cars have received facelifts, many of which have been upgraded in terms of interior and power, such as the following three models.

Chevrolet Cruze

Manufacturer's guide price: 94,900-122,900 yuan

After the production of the Cruze was discontinued, the Chevrolet Cruze became the brand's main model in the compact family sedan market, although the entire series in the early stage only hadThe three-cylinder strategy is too radical, but as GM began to return to the four-cylinder camp, Cruze also launched a 1.5L version, and recently ushered in a mid-term facelift.

The new Cruze has a lot of changes. The black grille on the front face has a larger opening, and a three-stage air intake is added below., the rear is equipped with a small spoiler.The most obvious change is naturally the interior. The new car adopts a dual-screen design with a full LCD instrument panel connected to the central control screen, and is equipped with a three-spoke multi-function steering wheel. It also adds functions such as wireless charging of mobile phones.The sense of technology has been improved, which is enough to make many old car owners envious. This design will also be applied to other Chevrolet models in the future.In terms of power, the new car still provides a 1.5L naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine and a 1.3T+48V mild hybrid system, but the 1.5L version of the gearbox has become a 6-speed wet dual-clutch. Fortunately, the price has dropped, and there will be more in the future.Great deals, don't wait any longer!

Kia K3

Manufacturer's guide price: 10.98-131,800 yuan

Among the 100,000-level joint-venture sedan, the Kia K3 is not very popular, but its overall strength is not bad.After Dongfeng broke up, Kia did not sink in this. Not only did it release the Shibo Tuojie some time ago, but also recently brought the mid-term facelift K3, which has been upgraded in all aspects.

In the appearance part, the new Kia K3 uses the same flat tiger roaring grille as the K5, and the star chain LED headlights areIt is integrated with the central grille. In addition, the new car has also lengthened the length of the front overhang and shortened the rear overhang, which makes the proportions of the body more harmonious.In the interior, the new car is equipped with a 10.25-inch full LCD instrument panel and a suspended central control screen of the same size, and the physical buttons and gear levers below have been upgraded. The power continues to be equipped with 1.5L and 1.4T engines.The maximum power of the 1.4T engine is increased to 140 horsepower.After the appearance, configuration and power have been improved, the new Kia K3 has more confidence to compete with its opponents. Will you choose it because of this?

Volkswagen Bora

Manufacturer's guide price: 9.88-157,000 yuan

Volkswagen's highlight this year is the EA211 1.5T EVO2 turbo engine, although it took several years for Volkswagen to decide to phase it out in China1.4T engine, but fortunately it is not too late. At present, the new engine has been installed on models such as Sagitar, and recently, the declaration map of the Bora 300TSI version model has been exposed on the Internet, and the listing is imminent.

This new model is basically the same as the current model in terms of design. The biggest change is undoubtedly this 1.5T engine, its largestThe power is 160 hp (118 kW) and the maximum torque is 250 Nm. However, it is likely to only appear on the top model like the Sagitar. With reference to the pricing of the current model, the price of the 1.5T version is likely to be around 150,000.The top-of-the-line 1.4T will be discontinued. Of course, the public understands the pricing strategy. It is not too late to wait until there are discounts in the future.As FAW-Volkswagen is currently responsible for sales in the sedan market, Bora has become more competitive after the addition of the 1.5T version, and it is also more confident in the face of competing products such as Sylphy, Corolla and Civic. After the discount in the future, you willConsider it?

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