Is it safe to sell cars in stores?Tesla turned his head and said: I won't play with you anymore

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不知从何时起,into a large shopping mall,The variety of sales is gradually increasing,Even cars have been displayed in supermarkets one after another,Is it better to sell cars in the mall??

Can the mall sell cars??

商场卖车,It seems to be the most“流行”的玩法,The author went to a famous shopping mall in Beijing a month ago——合生汇,There are more than ten new energy brand exhibition halls in it,especially at a certain level,Even made the author once thought that this layer was set for new energy.

比亚迪、小鹏、哪吒、极狐、岚图……等等,out of the store,Coming soon to the next door,The tightness is evident.

If you ask how the car enters the supermarket,是谁先开始的?New energy representative brand“特斯拉”Is this“玩法”的先锋代表,Even Tesla's first store in China,Just settled in Beijing luxury supermarket representative——侨福芳草地,It can be seen that Tesla has already thought about it early.,Leverage commercial super traffic to increase product awareness.

The author first to analyze a matter with you,Is it the reality of selling cars in the mall??和传统4S店相比,有什么优势?

Since we talk about the automotive industry,especially the sales industry,May subconsciously many users think of is immediately4S店,After all, it has many years of industry tradition in China,Also has a very good experience in the sales system;even in the current car market90%的用户,I must have mentioned buying a car、看车、试车,Immediately thought of4S店.

但是4SWhat's wrong with the store?A lot of users is the in the mind of a car in a planned way,will think4Sshop see for yourself,and if there is a test drive,You can also experience the driving and riding experience for yourself,After watching and trying,The rest is to leave the user time to think,As well as follow-up and4S店的“pull time”.

Although from the model and system,都非常成熟,But there is a core factor in the super-selling car“特殊”,Originally put into business super new energy products,Even a brand like Tesla,The dissemination and sound volume in the country are small.

I just said,Inside the Beijing Hopson Mall,小鹏、哪吒、极狐、岚图,这些汽车品牌,The author and the same love car,But my father, who didn't have a deep understanding of the industry, talked to him.,There is no doubt about these brands,My father never heard of it.When brand awareness has not established strong support,The significance of selling cars in supermarkets is highlighted.

Inside a high-traffic mall,Build brand product display stores,比如小鹏、哪吒等,in high-traffic areas,It will attract a lot of curious users into the store experience,在进店之前,The user has never thought of buying a car,but after experience,It is very likely that I will remember the brand name that I visited today,The next time you think about buying a car,If the demand for buying a car is related to the brand,笔者相信,This user will definitely choose to go to the previous shopping mall to experience the product,This will effectively increase traffic and voice for the brand,even lead to product sales.

So from a comprehensive perspective,This is why Tesla originally,And follow-up domestic new power brands,All products will be placed in large supermarkets,理由很简单,In order to rapidly expand brand influence,Whether it can be used to sell products in this way will not be discussed,brand expanded,In order to allow the product to have the opportunity to promote and sell.

Why to launch business tesla super model?

In the previous article, the author has briefly analyzed for everyone that Weishangchao has become a new brand of contemporary automobiles.“玩法”,The main reason is to rapidly expand the flow and sound volume,let the original compare“冷门”的品牌和产品,Can more quickly enter the eyes of mass consumers.

毕竟,If some brands only rely on traditional4S店模式,Is likely to be in a very embarrassing situation,Because users have never heard of the brand,所以4S店的工作人员,Forced to use mobile phone from morning to night every day……

And as the Tesla brand that brings the business model to fire,近日,根据外媒报道,Tesla brand is evaluating how to sell electric vehicles in the domestic market,And consider closing some supermarket showrooms in Beijing and other cities in China,Will place more emphasis on lower-cost suburban stores that can provide repair services,对此消息,At present, the Tesla brand has not given an official positive answer.

The author has previously analyzed2022年,Tesla's performance in the domestic market,Although the Shanghai epidemic has indeed caused some serious damage to Tesla's production capacity and delivery data,However, according to the statistics of the Federation of,2022年1-8月份,Tesla to super24万台的成绩,Ranked in the top three of the domestic new energy brand sales rankings,可以见得,Tesla's brand power and product power,It is still recognized by consumers at home and in the world.

So why does Tesla want to close the supermarket showroom??

From the perspective of the fundamental consideration,It is precisely because of Tesla's brand influence and product power,Already have a very impressive position in the country,rising status,It means that the influence of traffic and sound volume continues to expand,What is the meaning of the supermarket showroom??volume and volume,Now that you have got what you want,Why continue to spend huge sums of money to expand?,and more influential,The slower the expansion,So it's not worth the money.

So Tesla wants to change“玩法”,is there anything strange?



品牌力、产品力、Industry influence, etc.,All determine the changes in the way of brand influence,就像特斯拉一样,First entered the domestic market,It needs high-traffic advantages such as supermarkets to expand itself,In the follow-up, the brand power has formed a situation of consolidation,Then you can completely change the channel to carry out the marketing strategy,This is the process of brand positive optimization.

而国内品牌,More in the situation where Tesla has just landed in the domestic market,Therefore, more traffic is needed to expand the brand momentum,当然,I also hope that domestic brands can grow faster,There is a bigger market not only in the domestic market,Can also have a greater brand status on the world stage.

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