BYD 1.5l hybrid special engine held in Pingshan, Shenzhen

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BYD Auto held a "heart" green movement all the way forward in Pingshan, Shenzhen - Xiaoyun 1.5L high-efficiency engine, eight-in-one electric powertrain technology tasting meeting, and new energy vehicle power system experts from all over the country attended the meetingAnd fully affirmed the research results of BYD power.

The 1.5L high-efficiency hybrid engine is a hot topic discussed by experts at the meeting. This engine has achieved an ultra-high thermal efficiency of 43.04%. In order to achieve ultra-high thermal efficiency, the compression ratio of the engine is 15.5:1, and the stroke-bore ratio isUp to 1.28, through technological innovation, as well as engine refinement design and process innovation, etc., the industry problem of engine knock caused by high compression ratio has been solved.In the application of DM-i super hybrid vehicles, the engine is mainly used for power generation, which makes full use of the external characteristic curve of the engine, and realizes the advantages of the lowest fuel consumption and the largest power of the engine, and also combines the low speed of the hybrid vehicle engine not to participate in the workIt adopts the single intake air VVT to realize the Atkinson cycle, so that the internal friction of the engine is lower, and as much power as possible is used for power generation or driving the vehicle, and various engine peripheral accessories are streamlined, such as engine pistons, piston rings,Low-friction materials are used for the crankshaft and bearing bushes, which also greatly reduces the internal friction of the engine.

Xiaoyun 1.5L hybrid engine pursues the design limit of engine thermal efficiency. It is a subversive product in the current fuel engine. From the perspective of the periphery, it does not drive various peripheral accessories, such as water pumps, compressors, and power steering.pump, etc., so the structure of the engine is very simple, and through the gasoline-electric hybrid, the advantages of fuel drive and electric drive are fully utilized in the design, making the vehicle fuel-efficient to the limit, and because the engine is relatively simple in structure, it also greatly reducesThe production cost of the engine allows consumers to enjoy ultra-low fuel consumption and super driving comfort, and also greatly reduces the cost of car purchase and actual use.

As Xu Min, director of the review committee, said: The impressive performance of BYD's super hybrid DM-i plug-in hybrid system in the market has confirmed the rationality and scientificity of Xiaoyun's high-efficiency hybrid engine technology solution selection.

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