BYD's sales of new energy vehicles in October once again exceeded 200,000 units

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A few days ago, BYD announced the overall sales of new energy vehicles in October. According to the published data, BYD sold 217,800 new energy vehicles in October, a year-on-year increase of 168.78%.This is the second time since September that the sales volume has exceeded 200,000 units, and it still occupies a dominant position in the market.

From the perspective of model segmentation, the difference in sales between pure electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles is relatively small, so it can be seen that the two models of BYD have achieved balanced development, which also explains BYD Auto's pure electric and hybrid technologies from the sideAll have been recognized by the market.

The Song family model contributed the most to the overall sales, with a total sales volume of 56,843 in October, which shows that consumers have a large demand for SUV models, especially the DM-i super hybrid SUV produced by BYD.It has super power, excellent off-road performance, and more importantly, the vehicle is very fuel-efficient. According to various data, the fuel consumption of the vehicle is less than that of a fuel-burning vehicle even in daily use, even when consumers are not charging.Half of the car, coupled with the super smooth driving experience and the green travel experience of new energy vehicles, will undoubtedly be very attractive to consumers when buying cars.

The sales of BYD Han models in October are also very dazzling, reaching 31,614 units. This is the first time that the monthly sales of Han models have exceeded 30,000, which represents that the model has entered a new stage of development.As a luxury model with an average price of 250,000 yuan, it is indeed commendable to achieve such a high sales volume. It shows that the Han model has achieved the industry benchmark in three aspects of luxury, safety, and performance, and has brought excellent use to experience.As the flagship model of Haibao, Haibao, the sales volume in October also increased significantly. In less than four months after its launch, the monthly sales exceeded 10,000 units, and the overall sales volume in October was 11,267 units.

BYD has also made full efforts in overseas markets. It has released new energy products in Germany, Japan, Sweden, the United Kingdom and other automotive powerhouses. It sold 9,529 vehicles overseas in October. It is believed that with the further release of production capacity, overseasSales will surely exceed 10,000 units.

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