Don’t buy compact MPVs indiscriminately. The latest quality ranking is released. Only 5 models meet the standard. Trumpchi M6 is fourth

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This year, the sales data of the MPV market is still not good. In October, the sales volume of the MPV market fell by 21.9%. From January to October this year, MPVCumulative sales were only 742,206 units, down 9.7% year-on-year.The million-level goal of the entire MPV market is still difficult to achieve.

However, this does not prevent the bombardment of new products of major auto brands in the market, from Hongqi, Lantu, Tengshi to Jikrypton, High-end products are coming one after another, and the entire MPV market can be called a fight between gods and gods, and it is very lively.

But the problem has arisen again, MPVs that cost hundreds of thousands are not the target models that ordinary families can afford.For working families, compact MPV models are more suitable and practical.So, which compact MPVs are more reliable and more hard-core?

A few days ago, China Automobile Quality Network released the quality ranking list of compact MPVs in the first half of 2022, with only 9 participating models, It can be seen from this list that the average score of the overall selection is 173 points, the lower the score, the better the quality of the model, and there are only 5 models with scores lower than the average score.

quality ranking.jpg Among them, the model that topped the list is SAIC-GM Buick GL6, which is the "little brother" of Buick GL8, and its size is a circle smaller than Buick GL8. However,The quality and performance are very good, and the selection score is 135 points.However, the sales volume is far behind that of "Big Brother", and the sales volume in October was less than 1,000 vehicles.

Buick GL6.jpg In addition, Geely Automobile’s Jiaji also performed very well, with a score of 147, 12 points higher than Buick GL6. The quality is so good that consumers can rest assured.It's just that the sales volume has not achieved too many breakthroughs, which is a little regrettable.

Jiaji.jpg Wuling Capgemini ranked third. This model scored 153 points. As a high-end product of Wuling Motors, Capgemini has done quite well in terms of cost performance. Judging from this score, the qualityStability is also good.

Capgemini.jpg Trumpchi M6 ranks fourth. To be honest, Trumpchi M8 and Trumpchi M6 have gained a firm foothold in the MPV market. Sales of Trumpchi M6 are good.More than 3,000 vehicles were sold, ranking the top ten.This time, the quality evaluation result was also good, with a score of 164 points.

M6.jpg SAIC MAXUS G50 scored 171 points within the average score. Among the above five compact MPV models, Chinese brands accounted for 4 models, and joint venture brands onlyFor 1 model.It seems that the performance of Chinese brands in the compact MPV market is still very stable.

G50.jpgGhost car view: Today, Chinese brands are showing two major trends in the MPV market. On the one hand, they are striving for high-end,On the one hand, we should pay close attention to the compact MPV market. Judging from the list, the quality of domestic compact MPVs is not bad, and there are not a few trustworthy models.If fans have any thoughts on this, please leave a message to Brother Gui.

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