100,000-class high-quality SUV recommended, small and refined model, very suitable for young people

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Trumpchi GS3 is a small SUV of GAC Trumpchi. When it first debuted, it caused a sensation in the small SUV market with its good looks. After that, the sales performance was also good, with the highest monthly sales reaching 9,600 units. It can be said thatIt is a small achievement.In order to better adapt to the market, GAC Trumpchi, on the premise of taking the needs of small SUV users as the starting point, focused on strong power and strong intelligence, and upgraded the Trumpchi GS3 to Trumpchi GS3 POWER,

In terms of power, GS3 POWER provides 1.5T four-cylinder turbocharged engine (270T) and 1.5T three-cylinder engine (235T) for selection.The former has a maximum horsepower of 169Ps and a peak torque of 265N m; the latter has a maximum horsepower of 163Ps and a peak torque of 235N m.The transmission system is matched with 6AT and 6-speed manual gearbox.

Trumpchi GS3 POWER's inverted trapezoidal Lingyunyi 3.0 grille lines are well integrated with the headlights, and the fog lights on both sides run through the front license plate, which enhances the overall horizontal effect, and the multi-level chrome plating is also more reasonable in proportion, the overall appearance is very coordinated.The two-color body adopted is also the practice under the current youth trend. The collision of black and white will appear more intense and have a stronger sense of personality.

The "POWER" of GS3 POWER lies in the improvement of the power system first.It adopts a power combination of 1.5T engine and Aisin 6AT, with a maximum power of 124kW (169PS)/5000rpm and a maximum torque of 265N·m/1700~4000rpm. Its performance in terms of data is already ahead of other models of the same level.

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