Lynk & Co 01, once known as the "light of domestic products", is now no one cares about

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The explosive growth of domestic auto brands in the SUV field in recent years has indeed won the recognition of many consumers, especially the sales of SUV models with around 100,000 can be said to continue to grow, but we must also realize that in the high-endIt is still difficult for domestic SUVs in the market to gain a firm foothold.For example, the Lynk & Co 01 we are going to talk about today is an embarrassing existence in the market.You know, Lynk & Co 01 was hailed as "the light of domestic products" when it was first launched.It can be said that Lynk & Co 01 and Wei Pai VV7 were very popular in the market.This brand bluntly wants to compete with Volkswagen and Toyota, but now?

Weipai's VV7 has been discontinued, and Lynk & Co sold only a few hundred units in January, which is doomed to be difficult for this car to turn around.Then why is the Lynk & Co 01, once known as the "light of domestic products", no one cares about it now?In fact, the biggest reason is Lynk & Co himself.At the Lynk & Co 01 press conference a few years ago, it was announced that the Lynk & Co 01 used 73.2% of the high-strength steel plate, which was also a global unified standard, and also announced the steel strength map of the model.At the same time, this picture also appeared in the instruction manual of Lynk & Co 01.However, some car owners complained that the steel strength of the domestic version is different from that of the international version.

Moreover, some media dismantled the mid-term facelift of Lynk & Co 01 in a program.It is found that the front part of the beam of Lynk & Co 01 is A-grade steel, and the rear part is C-grade steel, which is completely inconsistent with the official propaganda.Many car owners questioned Lynk & Co's false propaganda to deceive consumers, but Lynk & Co did not respond positively, which caused dissatisfaction among many car owners, and public opinion continued to ferment, which also seriously affected the sales of Lynk & Co 01.Another key factor is that Geely's own internal competition is too fierce!For example, the Geely Xingyue L, which has a similar positioning, not only has more luxurious configuration, but also has a larger space and a lower price.Moreover, the use of Volvo resources is no longer a Lynk & Co patent. Geely Xingyue L can also be used. Xingyue L is not only equipped with a Volvo 2.0TD engine, but was born on the CMA platform. Even the Thor power was first used by Xingyue L.

As for the Lynk & Co 01 from 2017 to 2021, only the plug-in hybrid of the three-cylinder engine is remembered.The engine also uses Volvo's 2.0T engine. Even if the Xingyue L is not as powerful as the 01, it is still enough.Therefore, more consumers are more willing to choose Geely Xingyue L.In addition, new energy pure electric models and hybrid models are emerging one after another, and Lynk & Co 01 gradually lost its momentum at that time. Although it launched oil-hybrid and plug-in hybrid models, the previous models have already made corresponding markets, so the obtainedThe market response is also very general.In addition, the engine used in the hybrid version is still a three-cylinder engine.Although this is not a big problem, it is a hurdle in the minds of many consumers.

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