Hummer also launched a pure electric model, and GM will launch 15 electric vehicles in China within 3 years

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Enabling cars with technology has become the choice of more and more car manufacturers for the future.In this regard, the pure electric vehicles of traditional car companies have finally begun to make great efforts.

On November 22, at General Motors Technology Vision Day, four pure electric models based on the Autoneng platform were unveiled on the same stage, including the GMC pure electric Hummer super pickup, the Cadillac LYRIQ, and the Buick Electra-X pure electric vehicle.The electric concept SUV and the world premiere of Chevrolet's first pure electric concept car FNR-XE based on the Altec platform, both demonstrate the power of change brought by GM and SAIC GM with the help of electrification and intelligent networking innovation.

At the same time, GM also announced that by 2025, the total investment in new technologies in the field of electrification and intelligence will reach 70 billion yuan.So where will the 70 billion GM be spent?

Throwing 70 billion and devoting ourselves to electrification

In terms of investment in new cars, the four-wheel drive performance version of Cadillac Ruige, which has already been launched, will be delivered successively in late December this year.The 5-seat pure electric SUV Electra E5 will be unveiled at the end of this year, and will be launched in the first half of next year. Buick's second Alternate model will also be launched next year; the mass production model of the Chevrolet FNR-XE pure electric concept car will be launched before the end of next yearListing delivered.In general, in 2023, there will be 4 new models of the Aoteeng platform to meet with us.

To put it simply, next year SAIC-GM will launch 4 models based on the Autoneng platform.Not only that, in the next two years, SAIC-GM will release a new generation of gasoline-electric strong hybrid technology and plug-in hybrid technology. In the next five years, the three major brands of Buick, Chevrolet and Cadillac will have a total of more than 10 domestically produced pure electric products.

It can be seen that GM's main strategy is to see that Tesla and other new brands cover relatively few market segments, and use the model of coverage of more segmented products (in the case of fuel vehiclesmarket segments to promote pure electric vehicles) to achieve differentiated competition.

Secondly, the factory is put into construction.After Shanghai Autoneng Super Factory, Pan Asia New Energy Experimental Building and Guangde Battery Safety Laboratory were opened last year, Wuhan Autoneng Super Factory will also be put into operation at the end of this year.The domestically-produced Auteneng models are equipped with exclusive battery modules, which indicates that SAIC-GM has a complete system capability in the whole link of new energy from R&D, design, engineering, manufacturing to supply chain.

The last is the channel. SAIC GM promotes a comprehensive transformation by improving the sales, service and energy replenishment model of electric vehicles.It is understood that by the end of this year, a total of 26 Cadillac IQ spaces have opened in 14 major cities; 100 Cadillac IQ zones have opened, covering 50 cities.

In 2023, more than 200 Cadillac IQ zones will be put into operation; Buick pure electric city showrooms are expected to reach 58, and Buick new energy zones will exceed 600.In addition, SAIC-GM is also building a multi-level energy supplement system. It is estimated that by the end of 2023, there will be 1,500 self-built charging terminals including Cadillac IQ exclusive supercharging stations and Autoneng supercharging stations.More than 400,000 third-party charging terminals have been cooperated with suppliers.

Software-defined car process acceleration

As "software-defined cars" has become an industry consensus, various players in the automotive industry have used software innovations to redefine automotive products and services, and even spawned new business models.

Therefore, GM's conception of the vision of "zero accidents, zero emissions, and zero congestion" is not limited to an Autopower platform.In addition to accelerating the creation of new products based on the Autoneng platform, General Motors is also making an orderly layout in the field of autonomous driving and software-defined vehicles.

It is understood that in order to achieve all aspects of electrification, SAIC-GM has invested an additional 20 billion yuan in smart electric vehicles and software on the basis of the original 50 billion yuan.So far, SAIC-GM's total investment in intelligent electrification, autonomous driving and other technical fields has reached 70 billion yuan.

In the case of sufficient funds, the process of intelligent networking of GM's electric vehicles is speeding up in an all-round way.Next year, GM's new "software-defined vehicle" platform will be launched simultaneously in North America and China.Using the advantages of the VIP intelligent electronic architecture adopted by 100% of the electric vehicles on the Autoneng platform, OTA parallel refresh of multiple modules of the vehicle can be realized.

Whether it is a new electric platform or automatic driving, from the initial technical surprise, to the flag-waving and fanatical pursuit some time ago, to the rapid cooling at this moment, although the chill hits, it may not be the last one who runsThe first players to start are most likely those who dare to break new ground on the path of their ancestors.

Compared with its competitors, GM does not have an absolute lead in the layout of the pure electric market. However, GM, which has a history of more than 100 years, tells us with rich experience and deep technical reserves that with moreAltetron models have entered the Chinese market. They have the confidence and ability to allow GM to go further and more steadily.


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